Hospitality Asset Management

At Franklin Croft, the company’s successful investment philosophy is also applied to hotel management in order to achieve the highest degree of operational excellence and profitability. Franklin Croft draws its operational expertise from respected hospitality companies such as Marriott International and Hilton Hotels along with well recognized hospitality oriented institutions such as Cornell University.

Through the support of its specialized staff, we are able to deliver well-honed yield management practices, internet and database marketing analytics, capital project experience, food and beverage management and capital market expertise. Taken as a whole, our operational resources and investment expertise merge to create a comprehensive and dynamic hotel operation.

Advisory/Brokerage Services

When engaged as an advisor or a broker, Franklin Croft’s strength is in representing an owner or lender’s interest in a wide range of asset management situations and assisting in making decisions that have positive impacts to value or operating performance. Our approach is designed to work closely with owners, lenders or receivers to implement proactive value enhancement programs that typically involve a combination of strategic capital improvements, risk control, expense reduction and revenue maximization.

Franklin Croft’s capacity to perform in multiple roles offers tremendous advantages to our clients and investment partners. This versatility comes from our many years of direct ownership which informs and provides perspective to our business relationships and enables us to implement a variety of alternative approaches in order to achieve optimal investment results.

Facility & Construction

Franklin Croft’s principals have established an impressive record of accomplishment over the past 30 years by developing numerous commercial projects. Our broad range of experience includes office, industrial, hospitality, retail, residential and mixed-use land developments. Franklin Croft’s experience extends to all facets of hotel facility management including extensive experience with historic structures.

Our project planning, entitlement planning, and construction management skills continue to prove invaluable today as we pursue new direct hotel investment and joint ventures where facility remodeling, expansion, and repositioning are a vital component of our long-term value creation strategy. Please see our record of completed projects included in our portfolio.